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Integrated Pest Management is a family owned business established in 1993 that has invested over 17 years in striving to become the market leader. Since then it has managed to service the vast majority of the eastern suburbs where over time it has become recognised and reputable for its quality of service and customer satisfaction. With highly experienced mature operators our business was accepted by the community quickly. This was largely due to the fact that we strive to use the latest, safest and most reliable methods of pest management with facilities enabling us to cover the entire region of Sydney.

Over the years we have developed a method of treatment that has evolved along with the industry. We focus on providing long lasting results which cause minimal harm to the environment. We manage this largely by targeting hot spot areas which means we use less pesticide, however we use them in a more efficient manner.

At IPM we see the process of pest control as a system procedure. In the past, pest control has primarily relied upon the wide-spread use of chemical applications creating a build up of chemicals which posed a potential health and environmental threat. We believe that pesticides are a necessity in achieving effective pest control however they are not the sole solution. All our services are based on the fact that our title already implies "Integrated Pest Management". We believe that there isn't only one way of undertaking pest control, but an integrated system which comprises all four methods physical, cultural, biological and chemical, ensuring effective treatment. In-turn we provide long lasting results which are environmentally friendly at a lower cost.

Our customers are our number one priority, we focus on action rather than words.

Once a treatment is completed, we stand by our work with a free service period. Should the need arise a prompt on-call service applies for the entire free service period.

Our technicians are supplied with modern specialised equipment intended to attain the most affective outcome in a safe and suitable manner. This is shown through customer satisfaction as our treatment methods have proved to be the most successful control measures available.

Integrated Pest Management sees the principles of pest control as more than just applying pesticides. We focus on the integrated method which utilises the concept of more efficient use of pesticides, which in-turn has numerous benefits to both the environment and client's well being.

We have field supervisors available for expert advice on pests and pest management.

Recommendations on storage, hygiene and stock management, in combination with the most effective treatments available, make up a complete pest management program.
We use the safest available pesticides which are environmentally friendly. Continual monitoring ensures that the latest developments are implemented with your interests in mind.