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Laying the footings for a building is the most critical part to early termite protection. Not only is this imperative when one is trying to achieve adequate prevention from termites but it's also enforced by law. During the construction phase of any building project footings are essential elements of structure procurement as they provide the link between the foundation and the rest of the building. In order to successfully certify the occupancy of any building whether its residential or commercial one must have adequate certificates confirming that the building footings usually in the form of a raft slab have been treated to the appropriate Australian Standards.

IPM has vast experience when it comes to pest control and termite protection in the building industry. All our work is certified and we are more than happy to provide any extra paper work such as SWMS if necessary. We provide quick and free quotations over the phone and have the experience and technology to undertake any project.

All our technicians are certified with HomeGuard which is a revolutionary system of termite barrier protection in the building industry.

Why is HomeGuard unique?
HomeGuard is the first and only chemical barrier in a non-soil matrix product ever registered by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA).

HomeGuard is the first and only single sheet termite moisture barrier containing an Australian registered termiticide in a polymer matrix.

HomeGuard is a single sheet with the active ingredient evenly distributed throughout the matrix HomeGuard acts as a waterproof membrane, a DPC and an effective Termite Management tool all in one.

Home Guard Sheets contain a UV stabilizer and cannot delaminate or break down.

HomeGuard encompasses the combined strengths of the Physical and Chemical barriers to deliver a triple action Termite Management process.

Home Guard suits multitude of building construction situations.

Pest Control Warranty
Installers, Builders and home owners are all protected by the HomeGuard warranty.