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Bird problems are a common nuisance to many residential and retail premises. They tend to form on awnings, roof voids and all types of out door signs. Not only do they create droppings which are unsightly to the eye and bad odour but they can transmit bird mites. Blood sucking bird mites that reside in the nets may under favourable conditions reproduce at such a rate that great numbers migrate into the house to irritate humans.

Bird proofing Systems – Physical Deterrent

The most popular and cost effective method of eliminating birds from nesting in undesirable places is through the use of bird spikes. They come in different configurations and can be more or less adapted to fit any particular area. IPM supplies ad installs bird’s spikes to suite any needs and premises raging from residential, commercial and industrial. On site inspection is required for a quote as a variety of factors will influence the cots of installation.



Building out

It is important to understand that prevention of bird infestation is always a better solution rather then a physical deterrent such as bird spikes. Most modern houses today are constructed with this principal in mind. However some older dwellings have favourable nesting areas for birds. Fine wire maybe placed over vertical openings (primarily around gable roofs) as a preventive measure. The same principal applied to holes in walls and other roof areas. Trapping in some instances may also be a last solution once the bird has entered the roof void.

IPM can tailor a system which will eradicate bird mites from your home and also bird-proof your house to prevent further problems.