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Do you have bed bugs?

Ok, now that we have identified all the key features and characteristics about bed bugs in the section above lets summarise the main points which will help you determine if you are possibly living in a infested room or dwelling for that matter. Key items to look out for are:

1. Black stains on bed linen or general area around your bed as remember bed bugs are nocturnal and like to feed in the early hours while you are asleep.

2. If your room has a slight change in smell “sweet sickly”.

3. And finally the most obvious reason (probably the reason why you are reading this article) bit marks.

Bed Bug detection

If you are concerned that you may have bed bugs or if you simply would like to be proactive and test your bedroom or household for infestation there are products on the market that can help you do exactly that. The products that are on the market try and mimic host like symptoms either with pheromones, C02 gas or physical glue traps that are placed in suspected movement baths (such as bottom of bed legs). One product that stands out is BB Alert. For more information please visit www.bedbugsalert.com

The reality of the situation is that most people call their local pest controller once it’s too late and the problem is very apparent. Bite marks and irritation are your main causes. If you are at this stage it is best to make an appointment as it is very likely that fumigation needs to be undertaken. If you would like more information on bed bug detection products please send us an email on info@i-p-m.com.au.

Recent trends in bed bug infestation and growth

Since the early 90’s we have seen large growth in bed bug numbers and the general consensus is that they are on the rise. Bed bugs have been infesting hotels, hospitals, backpacker hostels, domestic dwellings and the list goes on. Some of the main reasons for the trend can be summarised below:

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