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Apart from conventional pest control that we all know about and which to a degree is irreplaceable, in today’s sophisticated market there are many other clever products that can help maintain a relatively pest free environment. The aim behind this article is to expose these products to the end user. The products can be applied in your everyday household or any commercial property such as restaurants, commercial kitchens, school canteens or any other food preparation areas.

Glue boards and UV Light traps

First thing that comes to might when someone mentions light trapping equipment for flying insets is a rusty wall hung unit that flickers and makes an annoying buzzing sound every time an insect gets zapped. Rightly so, as that is unfortunately the vast majority of products that have been applied over the last decade. This however is a dying trend as the control of flying insects in today’s pest control environment is becoming more and more sophisticated and not to mention stylish.

The use of glue boards and change in design has produced stylish equipment for trapping flying insects that’s totally silent. The principal behind how it works is very simple. The light attracts insects on to a glue pad which once they make contact with are stuck, simple and effective.


Glue boards

The principal behind trapping insects with glue seems to have inspired many pest control product manufactures to implement in their design and product range. The reasons behind it are self explanatory really. Its chemical free relatively cheap and easy to install. Glue boards as a means of pest control can come in many forms designed to eliminate various pests. They are particularly effective in reducing pantry pests such as months, German cockroach control (as a maintenance tool only) around food preparation areas and in some instances mice control where level of infestation is very low. Below are pictures of typical pest control products that use glue as an alternative way to eliminate insects.


It is however important to remember that the application of glue in pest control has its limits and it’s only effective in “maintaining a relatively pest free environment”. Cockroach and rodent infestations need a more detailed approach and the use of chemicals is difficult to avoid.

If you would like more information on the products above please refer to the links provided.


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